First things first

Holy smokes. Did someone slip me a mickey? One day, I was typing about Halloween and now there’s a Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree in my living room. Poor old blog. Amid these scurrying, overloaded days, it’s always the last one picked, the scrawny four-eyes left on the fence during Dodgeball at recess. I sit here,…… Continue reading First things first

Where we find ourselves

It’s Halloween night. On my dash to the store to pick up bags of Kit-Kats and Dum Dums, I saw Princess Leia, Episode 4, out having a smoke on the front porch, which made me cackle with glee. As I jump up and answer the knocks from the costumed, wee, sugar-amped scamps running up to…… Continue reading Where we find ourselves

Balloons in the sky

I’ve been doing yoga. What can I say? You get to wear flared stretchy pants and do poses with silly names (plus, you know, breathe and stretch for an hour). Admittedly, I struggle at times with yoga-speak: you know, that low, soothing, align-your-chakra-find-your-spirit-animal-visualize-your-best-self talk. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the Vortex Capital of…… Continue reading Balloons in the sky

Die Vampire Die!

That excellent title comes from a cast recording from the musical [title of show] featuring Susan Blackwell, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, and Jeff Bowen. One of my delightful honors composition students sent it to me after we were talking in class about the Inner Critic. You know, that horrid voice in your head, who speaks…… Continue reading Die Vampire Die!

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Visible heat

The temps this week are supposed to be in the low 100s, which means I-don’t-know-what for the heat index. Yesterday, I was driving home from our weekly beating (aka grocery shopping), when I noticed what I’ve heard people talk about in the South: you can see the heat. There it was, a heavy, tin-can gray…… Continue reading Visible heat


Back in the mid ’90s, a decade that now brings to mind the strange odors of hair gel (Jason Priestly, people!) and cigarettes (I used to smoke a lot) and overripe mulberries (a messy tree outside my home office), I used to write this really silly column for my college newspaper called “The Last Word,”…… Continue reading Plant