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Like a gazillion others floating out there in the ether, I write. Fiction, primarily, the occasional essay, and sometimes a poem or two. Until I find a 19th century patron, I also teach at a university. Among other things, I like sitting in corners and staring out windows for long, uninterrupted stretches.

(<<<<<<< See? Windows.)

One of my intentions here is simply to document what I’m reading or chewing on writing-wise. For one thing, my memory is growing more spotty, looking these days a little like the hide of an old cat. For another, I suppose it’s just good to get out of my fiction-writing head sometimes, as much as I hate the word “blog.” Yuck. Too bad this place isn’t a Dictaphone. I also have a real love-hate thing with the “I,” that difficult beanpole of a pronoun. Most of my fiction is in third-person, so this forces me into “I” mode whether I like it or not. And for the record, I don’t.

Anyhoo, I don’t hold myself to any terrifically high standards around here. I like the idea of this being a doodlepad of sorts, a place to keep notes and sketch out ideas and possibly share ideas with other like-minded folks. It’s just as likely, of course, that no one will read this, but writing for audience, imaginary or not, makes me sit up a little straighter. A step beyond the notes that I keep just for me. We’ll see.


  1. Hi Bryn, It was nice surprise to see you last month at mom and dad’s. Sorry it took so long to make it to your blog. Been busy taking over the world…ok maybe just my little postage stamp sized world.

    REM, Mesa amphitheater, South Central Rain, sudden down pour. Goose bumps all over again just thinking about it. Last show i saw was the gypsy kings at walking stick casino. Danced all night. Very Latin…to bad I’m so white.

    Hope you are well, cheers Peter

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